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While applying for the TN ePass, there are some important regulations that individuals need to keep in mind. The below topics will help you to decide that where you need the TN e Pass and where is not.

Following the regulations, individuals can apply for the TN ePass from the official website mentioned by the TN Government.

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Who Can Apply for TN ePass?

Here are the categories of people who can apply for the TN ePass.

• People on Government duties

• Individuals responsible for essential services such as police, fire, water, postal service, and others

• Individuals of essential services such as dairy, food, healthcare sector, and others

• Employees of the financial sector such as banks and others

• Patients or people with health conditions who need to check with a doctor

• In the case of deaths or emergency events

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Who does not have to Apply for TN ePass?

Now, there are some categories of people who do not have to apply for the ePass. There are some sections about who does not have to apply for the TN ePass.

• Individuals who are related to agriculture or animal husbandry

• For transportation of goods

• Professionals responsible for delivery of essential services

• Enterprises and plants

How to Apply for TN e Pass?

There are two places from where you can apply for the TN ePass. From one website, you can apply for the vehicle ePass in case if you are traveling within the state with your vehicle. From the other website, you have to apply to get ePass in case if you are traveling from another state or country to Tamil Nadu. login : Tamil Nadu E Pass Online Apply during Covid Lockdown

How to Apply for TN Vehicle ePass?

Here are the steps that you can follow to apply for the TN Vehicle ePass.

Step – 1 – Visit the official website of

Step – 2 – Now, click on the option of Newly Launched Services, after which a box will open up on the screen.

Step – 3 – Here click on the state Tamil Nadu and then on the option of ePass_TN.

Step – 4 – Here, you will see an application form for TN e Pass so first read the form carefully.

Step – 5 – Now, Fill in the form carefully without any error.

Step – 6 – Tick on the declaration box after which you should get your registration ID.

Now the authorities will check through the details provided by you and then will take the decision of whether they will provide you with an ePass or not. If your ePass is approved by the TN officials then you will get an SMS on the registered mobile number that you have provided while applying for the ePass and after you may take a printout of the ePass. Make sure also to carry your Government issued identity card also along with the TN ePass. Police Pass : How to get Kerala Lockdown Curfew E Pass Online Self Declaration

How to Apply for TN ePass for Entry in Tamil Nadu?

If you are someone traveling into Tamil Nadu, you will require an ePass too. The users have to follow these steps to apply for the TN ePass in such a case.

Step – 1 – First you have to visit the site of

Step – 2 – Next, you have to select from the option of whether you are traveling from any other state of India or from a foreign land.

Step – 3 – On the next page, you have to provide your mobile number and have to enter the captcha code.

Step – 4 – Now click on Send OTP.

Step – 5 – On the next page, you have to provide the OTP that you have received on your mobile number to verify it.

Step – 6 – Now on the next page, you have to select from the ePass type that you wish to avail yourself.

Step – 7 – Depending upon the selection that you have made, a form will come up that you need to fill up.

Step – 8 – Now you have to upload the necessary documents such as a medical report, or a marriage invitation card, and others to prove your purpose of visit.

Step – 9 – The ePass will be only presented after the whole verification of the details provided by you and this can take time. Till this time, you will get an application number for checking the status.

Finally, after the ePass is approved, in order to get the ePass, you have to present your Government identities document such as aadhar card, electoral card, PAN card, driving license, employee card, and passport